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Conference Report

"A Revival of Spoken Kristang and the Development of the Malacca-Portuguese Heritage"

This Conference was held on Sat, 6th.January and Sun, 7th.January 1996 at the Straits Heritage Lodge, 591-A Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka, Malaysia.





Panel of speakers / Papers presented

1. Gerard D Fernandis - P.A to Datuk Eugenio Campos, Consul of Portugal to Malaysia
Portuguese Presence - Past and Future

2. Prof.Mario Pinharanda Nunes - University of Malaya; Faculty of Malay Language & Linguistics
Reflections as to how to promote spoken Kristang and the Malacca-Portuguese Heritage in Malaysia

3. Dr. Jorge Morbey - Portuguese Cultural Attaché, Bangkok, Thailand
Kristang, the lasting embrace of the Portuguese culture in South-East Asia

4. Prof.Pierre F G Guisan - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Prestige of so-called 'Languages of Civilization' and the 'Right of the strongest'

5. Prof. Dr.Hyacinth Gaudart - Faculty of Education, University of Malaya
Kristang or Standard Portuguese as Pupils Own Language in Malaysian Schools

6. Joan Margaret Marbeck - Facilitator & Coordinator
Kristang or Standard Portuguese as Pupils Own Language in Malaysian Schools

Opening of the Mini-Conference "A Revival of Spoken Kristang and the Development of the Malacca-Portuguese Heritage" at the Straits Heritage Lodge, Malacca. 1996 by Dr. Jorge Morbey;Portuguese Cultural Attaché, Bangkok, Thailand
Looking on are Prof.Mario Nunes, Joan Marbeck & Prof. Pierre Guisan






Joan Marbeck as the Facilitator of one of the Conference Workshops







Resolutions recorded at the Close of the Mini Conference after the Panel Discussion on Papers presented on the 6th. & 7th. January 1996. Recorded by Prof. Mario P Nunes and Prof. David Cheong.

Prof. David Cheong, Workshop Facilitator & Conference Coordinator, Lecturer at University of Macau, elder son of Joan Margaret Marbeck. Currently doing his Doctoral Thesis in International Finance at Brandeis University, Boston, MASS.U.S.A


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1. Teaching of Portuguese and Kristang

a) Start Kristang lessons in the Nursery School at the Portuguese Settlement. Informal lessons for Children and Adults should also be organised by native-speakers of the community. Kristang Lessons could be published in 'Nobas' a community paper written in English. A Taskforce should be set up to research and publish a Kristang Language Manual.

b) To encourage members of the community who are already for Tertiary Education to study the Portuguese Language at the University of Malaya or abroad in Portugal so that they will be able to help others in the learning of Standard Portuguese and Kristang on their return.

c) To conduct a census so as to estimate the number of Portuguese descendants interested in studying Portuguese and Kristang.

2. Religious

a) To request that the Bishop of Johor-Melaka liase with the Papal Nuncio in Thailand for a Portuguese priest to be stationed as Parish Priest of St.Peter's Church.

b) To revive the traditions and celebrations of religious Festivals particularly the Feast of St.John the Baptist, Intrudu, Easter and the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

3. Social/ Economic

a) To set up a Task Force comprising members of the Eurasian community in Malaysia academics and professionals from here and abroad for regular conferences to monitor the development of the Kristang Heritage .

b) To be indentified as Malaysian-Eurasians or Malacca-Portuguese instead of 'Others'

c) To evaluate the possibility of the Malacca-Portuguese community linking up with the Commonwealth of Portuguese-speaking nations.

d) To co-operate in the realisation of a periodical meeting of representatives of Portuguese-based Creole speaking communities from around the world.

e) To propose to relevant authorities the organisation of a pavillion that will feature Portuguese-based Creole-speaking communites at the EXPO'98 in LISBON, Portugal.

f) To investigate the possibility of starting up a Branch or Representative Office of a Portuguese Bank.

g) To look into the possibility of setting up a Research & Cultural Centre for Portuguese Heritage studies of S.E.Asia in Malacca.