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distinguished letters to Joan Margaret Marbeck


united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization
organisation des nations unies pour l'éducation, la science et la culture
Office of the Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific
Ref:143.35 (CH-PHT)-1/CA/2111/99
15 June 1999
Dear Ms.Marbeck,
Subject : UNESCO Conference/Workshop
on the Adaptive Re-use of Historic Properties
9-17 May 1999 in Penang and Melaka, Malaysia
On behalf on UNESCO and the State Governments of Penang and Melaka, I am writing to express our sincere gratitude to you for your valuable contribution to the UNESCO "Economics of Heritage" conference, which was jointly held in Penang and Melaka from May 9-16, 1999.
I would like to personally thank you and members of your community for your warm hospitality during our community dinner at the Portuguese Settlement in Melaka last 15 May. My colleagues and I are also grateful for the copies of your anthology “Ungua Adanza”, which are providing us valuable insights into your rich cultural traditions and history.
“The Economics of Heritage” greatly exceeded all our expectations, with more than 40 papers presented and 350 participants representing 25 countries in attendance. We have already received many positive comments from other participants and stakeholders on the content and high caliber of speakers and their documented contribution. In many ways and from many different perspectives we were able to meet our goal and of examining how the conservation and appropriate adaptive re-use of historic properties makes good economic sense and is, at the same time, effective social policy. We are now in the process of producing the conference report, which we expect will bring the excellent output of this conference to an even wider audience.
Another encouraging result of “The Economics of Heritage” was illustrated through the number of delegates who expressed their desire to initiate grass-root movements in their own communities for the long-term conservation and sustainable re-use of their historic properties within the framework of the UNESCO LEAP programme.
It is good to see that during the conference we were able to light some fires for conservation which, we expect with your continued support and help will have far reaching benefits. The foundation of the Melaka Heritage Trust, the INTEC college art exhibition and the Art Rock Studio’s Penang heritage and mural, as well as UNESCO initiatives such as LEAP Online, the UNESCO Heritage Award and IMPACT are just some of the exciting new initiatives that have been generated. I hope that this is just a start, and that with encouragement from the members of our network, many more innovative projects will be undertaken at the local level across Asia and the Pacific.
The preservation of our shared heritage is a challenge which we must address from many different directions. “The Economics of Heritage” allowed us to explore issues from one perspective and I now look forward to your support when we convene again in April 2000 in Bhaktapur, Nepal to consider the economic and social issues surrounding heritage conservation and tourism management.
One again, thank you for your gift and support. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for collaboration with UNESCO on future projects, integrating the conservation of the cultural heritage with the development needs of Melaka.
I look forward to our next co-operative venture.
Sincerely yours,
Richard Engelhart
UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture
In Asia and the Pacific

Ms.Joan Margaret Marbeck
Adanza Marbeck Heritage House
No.64, St.John’s Hill Road
75000 Melaka, Malaysia

 The Honorary Consul of Portugal in Malaysia

Launching of A Kristang Keepsake "LINGGU MAI", on the 1st. September 2004, by Joan Marbeck
Once the centre of a powerful empire stretching from Asia and Africa to South America, Portugal today is, geographically and culturally, one of the richest countries in Europe. It is an European country layered as it is, with diverse influences, which managed to integrate a variety of cultures and customs and, despite being the eldest European Country, managed to preserve its very own particular identity.
It was the first European country to build a vast empire – which went from Malaysia and India to the coasts of Africa and Latin America, taking in Brazil as well as a number of Atlantic islands – and the last to leave that empire.
This adventure, which lasted six centuries, has given the world a common language spoken by more than 200 million people, and an original intermixing of people, languages, cultures and identities.
A book on Kristang – one of those original intermixing of people, languages, cultures and identities – is always important, not only in Malaysia but also in Portugal and all the other Portuguese speaking countries and territories, such as: Angola, Brasil, Cabo Verde, Damão, Díu, Goa, Guiné Bissau, Macau, Moçambique, São Tomé e Príncipe, and the newly and joyfully independent Timor-Leste.
May this book, second from the author on Kristang culture and language, help to preserve the Malaysian Kristang identity. Malaysia, Portugal and the Portuguese Communities around the world are enriched by it!
It is therefore, my great honour to write this message on the occasion of the official launching of the book “Linggu Mai” (Mother Tongue), which I am not able to attend personally (due to unforeseen circumstances that took me overseas). However, the Hon. Consulate of Portugal will be represented by my Personal Assistant, Mrs. Maria Liew and S.A.F.T.E.A. by its President, Y. Bhg. Brig. Gen. (R) Dato’ Richard Robless.
Lastly but not the least, I would like to congratulate the author, Ms. Joan Margaret Marbeck for her efforts in enriching the “Portuguese World” and the hope that her past, present and future books may also be translated into the Portuguese Language – the 5th. most spoken language in the world.

Kuala Lumpur, 24th. August, 2004
The Hon. Consul of Portugal & Patron of S.A.F.T.E.A.
S.A.F.T.E.A. Building, No 167 Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Pumpur, Malaysia
Tel/Fax: (00 603) 2142 6136 Email: